We Send Your brochure or letter to 10,000’s of potential clients

Lead Maker has been building In-Market / Opted-In email addresses for years so you don’t have to. Rent our database and let us send your email content from 10,000 emails up to 1,000,000 Million Potential Buyers daily.

Convert Cold Contacts into Buying Customers Instantly using our guaranteed delivery service.

Would you like to directly place your Product or Service HTML brochure in the INBOX of tens of thousands of Ideal Prospects.  This is one of the fastest ways to generate instant results.  Your website traffic will go through the roof. Analytic tracking of the links we place in the email content will be tracked by third party software or Google analytics.

Watch in real-time as your website becomes inundated with high quality prospects who are seeking to learn more about your offers.  Our content writers will help you customize the message, subject line, preview snippet and body of the content of your email to insure proper engagement results are achieved.

No Need to buy expensive software and deal with your own SMTP Servers and Spamming issues to reach potential buyers.  Our Industrial Powered Email Software can send out more than 1 Million Emails per day.  Lead Maker has a repository of more than 50 Million Emails in more than 62 countries around the world.

We give you the lists to choose from or you can custom design your own target list.

Target contacts by Demographic profile or Buying Habits

Target contacts by location, City, State and even Country up to 62 countries including UK, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada, Europe and more.

Target contacts by Business, Industry and Title headings  –  B2B or B2C


  • Grow your website traffic instantly.  Emails will drive buyers to your site instantly
  • Great way to increase your bottom line sales
  • SEO Your Website Search Ranking will get a MAJOR BOOST due to the extraordinary traffic that will be created. This in turn will give a 10X SEO boost in ranking search results to your website.
  • Email marketing is the most effective form of mass marketing in the world to date!
  • Use our Opt-In lists and Our Email databases to fully package your company advertisements
  • Cheaper than traditional advertising and more effective


This is a very simple and easy process.  We do most of the work for you and analyze everything, test everything before its finally released to the email list.

You can send us your already prepared HTML file and we will use your own creative materials as the sending content.

If you do not have your own and need us to create for you, we can also do that for a small fee.

If you want us to just copy paste and create a simple letter with basic pictures, we can use our free templates to build you a sample email blast.  Either way, we will work with you until satisfied that the content we send will be incredibly produced and simple enough to get attraction and most of all engagement from the end users.

The email created will then be sent to you as a Sample exactly the way the email recipients will receive it.

We will test it in all types of email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail among others and test it on Mobile Devices and other forms of hardware to make sure that the emails look professional and attractive.

Lastly, you will make final tweaks and then give the Green-light for the blast to go out.  (Picture of Green-light)

Sit back and watch your inbox start filling up.


For starters, we are going to use your own personal or corporate email address as the Sender Email Address.  But don’t worry, its connected to our software and SMTP server so it’s not actually doing the sending.

All Inquiries received are sent directly to you and ONLY to you.

We will recommend that you set up a Google Analytic UTM Code so you can monitor the blast in real time.

We can also use a URL Shortener or other means of tracking if you prefer.

Once the emails have all been sent, you will receive a first stage report showing that all 100,000 emails have been sent successfully.  The initial report will share the Open Rate % or Read Rate +  Clicks to your Landing Page + Bounce Rate + UnSubscribes or Forwarded Emails.

5 Days after the completed sending of the first campaign, you will receive a final report with the total analytical numbers derived from our software and or third party website resources to give us an actual number of how many people read your material and how many went on to your website.

Very Simple,  Very Easy and Super Effective at generating instant inquiries

We can set up a Free Consultation and we can even send you some sample reports from past success stories.

Several of our clients continue to run an email blast program every month and we have seen amazing results come back from our clients.  Don’t take our word for it, you can read the testimonials or watch the video testimonials from some of our clients here (Link to Case Studies)

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