Responsive & Custom Website Designing

We Design Unique, Striking Websites That will Engage With the Customers and Promote Your Brand

Get easily recognized by the customers with a cutting-edge website design that will provide an edge over your competitors. Our approach will be simple to create an engaging website experience. It requires a combined effort of detailed planning and smart design to grab visitor’s attention.

We recommend highly responsive website designs that will offer an engaging experience for webpage visitors. There are a lot of factors which impact the user engagement like the ease of navigation, content presentation, and social validation. Our team of expert web designers at Lead Maker will help develop an easily accessible website.

Our web designers specialize in developing custom website designs and eCommerce online stores, addressing all the business challenges. We believe that visual appeal is one of the key aspects to have an impacting online presence. Our web designers know how important that first impression is and they have the craftsmanship to create a unique captivating website.

What We Offer

Custom Website Design

Our web designing service will help you develop a custom website that will suit the business requirements and the design experts will guide you through the entire process. Our collaboration on every aspect of the project will ensure greater web experience.

Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Lead Maker will provide will provide the eCommerce design solutions in line with your business needs. You will get bespoke eCommerce design solutions from our expert design team with mobile integration and social media changes. You will be able to capitalize on the changes in which people search, interact, and shop online in modern days.

Responsive Website Design

We will help build a responsive website for your business which will adapt its content across devices automatically on smartphones, desktops, and tablets. This will result in increased sales, visibility, the greater audience on the website, and higher conversion rates.

Range of Design Platforms

Our web designing service offers a range of platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and OpenCart. We also offer services for the maintenance and update of the platforms with relevant details and information.

Extraordinary Brand Image

The web will make the website visually engaging which will draw visitors to the page. A website should be reflecting who you are and what the business can offer best for the consumers. Your business can now capture the target audience and help develop brand identity.

Website to Web Application

To automate the business processes, Lead Maker offers reputed web development services. So, the businesses can now respond better to visitors’ interactions and store data for the production of useful analytics.

How to design a website custom tailored to the business requirements?

Given below is the overview of the steps or process we follow in website designing

Research & Strategy: Research and strategy planning is the first phase of the website designing process. Our design team consists of web strategists, web designers, account managers, and technical managers. Our web designing team will evaluate the value differentiation, competitive landscape, and goal for the website designing. The process will result in a documented timeline, a web strategy, and detailed layout of the project.

Information Architecture: After the website strategy phase, the project moves into UX (User Experience) and IA (Information Architecture) phase. This is regarded as the blueprint phase of the project where the functionalities, user path flows, and specific documents are wireframed.

Information Architecture: After the website strategy phase, the project moves into UX (User Experience) and IA (Information Architecture) phase. This is regarded as the blueprint phase of the project where the functionalities, user path flows, and specific documents are wireframed.

Creative Custom Design: In this phase, designers showcase their sheer talent and start applying color & themes to the submitted wireframes. The use of fonts and color throughout the site plays a significant role in conveying the message and thus our web designers provide the client with a design storyboard outlining its usage.

Coding & Development: The websites are made responsive so that they work across various screens, from desktop to tablet to mobile. The front end coding is done in HTML5, following the best practices. Clients are provided the opportunity to update their responsive sites in real-time with a CMS (Content Management System).

Quality Checks: We make sure that the pages load quickly and properly on mobile, tablet, and desktop through quality assurance testing. It is very important for a high quality responsive website. Security measures are put in order and place for proper SEO performance.

Website Launch & Optimization: After the QC phase, a system administrator makes the site live and tests the functions of the customized website. Also, during the early launch of the website, a team monitors the user behaviors on the website and improves the performance in conversion rates, repeat visits, and time on site.

Custom website designing features provided by Lead Maker

Our creative website design extends to a custom system and online store solutions with sophisticated web development functionalities. We can provide you the best eCommerce solutions with a call to action, navigation, and graphical design that helps your business make specific identity or stand out from the crowd.

Market-Savvy Custom Web Designs

Great Call-to-action

Profile and Testimonials

eCommerce Online Sale & Operations

Market-Savvy Custom Web Designs

Great Call-to-action

Profile and Testimonials

eCommerce Online Sale & Operations

B2B Website Development Process and Strategies

Goal Setting

First, determine the purpose before building the website and set the goals behind the web application development. Some of the questions that are considered before goal setting is

What is the purpose of the website? Will it be proper to build awareness of the brand?
How people are interacting currently on the digital platforms and whether the business is looking to generate leads?
What is the vision of the digital presence and specific plans are throughout?
How can the website impact the areas of the business for growth and revenue generation?

Website Designing That Reflects the Brand

is the time to dive deeper into website’s design elements after mapping all the basic requirements. A professional website is the flagship of the company or the brand and our team works in alignment to the site design. It becomes decision time for some of the website core design specifications like –

  • How do you want to present the brand on the brand with brand color and texture?
  • What would be more preferable “an abstract or a concrete imagery”?
  • What you want the visitors to perceive in the website?
  • Which fonts and styles to be used while presenting the content?
  • Our professioanl web design team is well conversed with the design specifications and works according to the requirements. You will be provided with the website design that will be more impactful and user-friendly.

Why choose Lead Maker for website designing?

The custom web designing services provided by us will help improve the business, attract new customers, and ultimately result in increased sales & revenue. A website can be the most powerful tool to accomplish your business goals. Our websites will deliver results with irresistible features. The website should bring in quality customers for the business and our website designing service will primarily focus on that aspect.

Our web desiging team has expert professionals specializing in various disciplines with top notch experience of different designing platforms. Our designing process will combine the business needs, research, team work, experience, and dedication to providing a responsive site for your business. All your concerns will be addressed in the most careful manner with an amazing response on your website.

Here is why you should choose us

We handle everything – Design your website with a content management system perfectly suiting the business needs. We even prepare contents for the website and will ensure a smooth launch of your website. A result oriented user experience is guaranteed.

We manage your business first – Your business website will thoroughly craft with the audience attraction and fulfillment of goals in mind.

We take care of the quality immensely – The work accomplished by our team will deliver quality results. Even during website maintenance and update, we will provide the best solutions to help your business.

We outsource carefully – We totally omit the delays, poor customer service, and poor quality control mainly during outsourcing to another company. We believe in accountability and our team is 100% in-house, and on-staff.

Do you know what your customer and clients are searching online now? They search for the relevant online services or business; we at Lead Maker will help you impress your clients with a great website that will convey the message directly. Get the design done in-front that impresses the consumers that converts the possible searchers into your customers.